Reporting a concern FAQs

How do I report a concern?
You may report a concern by calling 111-222-3333 or by using the online form. Before you report a concern online, we ask that you search the Self Help FAQs first. You may find what you need without having to report it.

What do you need to report a concern?
If you are reporting a concern online, aside from an email address, you need to include your name, address, and telephone number. You also need to know the street of the incident and the issue. If you are reporting a concern111-222-3333 by calling , you need only the street where the issue is and the issue.

How can I get an email account?
You can open an email account using Google's Gmail or Yahoo Mail in less than five minutes.

Why can't I report an anonymous concern?
Anonymous concerns are not accepted online, but you may submit an anonymous concern by calling 111-222-3333.

What if my reported concern is urgent?
If you have an emergency, you need to call 911. The Report a Concern form and phone number are only for non-emergency requests, questions, and information.

What else might I have to include to report a concern?
Many service request types will prompt you for further information, which will assist the responder in resolving and closing your service request. The more you can tell us about the issue, the faster your request can be resolved.

How long does it take to resolve a concern that was reported?
The time it takes to close, or resolve, a reported concern varies from request to request, depending on the issue and the tasks required. Staff members will make every effort to resolve your reported concern as soon as possible.

Will I be updated as to the progress of my reported concern?
At the very least, you should receive notification upon reporting your concern and upon closing. You may receive additional updates depending on the responder and the issue.

Can I call to check the status of my reported concern?
If you haven't received notification of the closing of your reported concern within a week, you may call 111-222-3333 to check its status. Please have your service request ID ready when you call.

Why is the Anytown using this system?
The City has put this reporting a concern management system in place to insure that no citizen issue goes unresolved. In addition, the reporting capabilities will help the administration and department heads make well-informed decisions related to staffing and equipment needs, project priorities and management, and budget requests and formulation.

Concern Types
Business Issues
Garbage Issues
Graffiti Issues
Housing/Neighborhood Issues
Parking Issues
Park Issues
Recycling Issues
Road/Street Issues
Sanitation Issues
Snow Removal Issues
Street Sign Issues
Traffic/Street Light Issues
Tree Issues
Utility Issues

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