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Anytown Sheriff's Department
Child Safety Seats

The Sheriff's Department's Diversity Partnership Program has ended. The program was funded by the USA Division of Highway Traffic Safety. 

Through their partnership Child Safety Seats were purchased by the Sheriff's Department. These seats were then distributed, free of charge, to families that may not have been be able to afford to purchase a Child Safety Seat. The program was directly responsible in providing nearly four thousand free Child Safety Seats. Seven officers were trained as Child Safety Seat Technicians and those officers then instructed parents in the proper installation of Child Safety Seats in their vehicles.

The Anytown Sheriff's Department is one of sixteen certified Child Safety Seat fitting stations in the state of USA. Citizens can bring their existing seats to the department and our technicians will inspect the seat and it's installation. If the seat is not properly installed, ( over 90% of existing seats are improperly installed ) the technicians will properly install it. The officers also check all seats against the safety seat recall list.

Officers are also available every Tuesday evening from 6pm to 8pm at the Millville Rescue Squad Located at 600 cedar Street Millville. They are on hand toinspect child safety seats to ensure that they are properly installed for you.

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