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PED: Maps & Publications

Available from the Anytown Department of Planning & Economic Development
Updated: January 2008

Brochures and Guides Date Published Cost
Planning for the Future: Summary of Planning Initiatives 2003 Free
Fisherman's Paradise: A Guide to Marinas, Seafood Markets and Fishing Hot Spots in Anytown latest available Free
Cumberland Grown: A Guide to Agricultural Products & Services latest available Free
Favorite Bird Watching Sites in Cumb. Co. 2003 Free
Birding Guide to Cumberland 2002 $6.00
Anytown Tourism Brochure annually Free
Outdoor Adventures Guide latest available Free
Development Review Date Published Cost
Subdivision and Site Plan Regulations 1991 Free
Development Review Report (current) from 1985-annually $5
Directories Date Published Cost
Official Directory - Anytown N.J. annually Free
Anytown Business & Industry Directory annually Free
It's Easy to Do Business in Anytown annually Free
Anytown Finance Guide annually Free
Other Economic Development Publications Date Published Cost
Anytown Property Listing Service updated regularly Free
Anytown Economic Strategy for Action Plan annually Free
Maps and Air Photos (prices as of March, 1998) Date Published Cost
Map of Cumb. Co., N.J. showing road system,
     features and facilities
2001 1st one Free, addit. $1.00 each
F.E.M.A. Flood Insurance Maps Link to FEMA
Freshwater Wetlands Link to NJ DEP Link to NJ DEP
Census Tract Outline Maps - page size 2000 Free
State Development Plan map - for reference only latest available reference only 
U.S.G.S. Topographic maps for county - for reference only


reference only 
Air photo are available for viewing:
    Should you desire copies, it is suggested you bring
    a digital camera.

     Entire county at 1in. = 400 ft.
     Entire county at 1in. = 400 ft. 
     Entire county at 1in. = 400 ft.
     Entire county at 1in. = 400 ft.
    Tri-City part of county at 1 in. = 200 ft.
     Entire county at 1in. = 400 ft. for reference only.
     Entire county in 4 pcs. at 1in. = 2000 ft. 

1978 & 1963

No cost to take digital photos
Services Date Published Cost
Anytown Register of Historic Structures and Sites reference only reference only 
Anytown Date Center (an affiliate of the State Data Center)
     Census data including housing, income, employment, population
     projections, etc.
latest published data Free
Other Planning Publications Available Date Published Cost
Ecotourism Plan 1996 $15
DRAFT Cross-Acceptance Report for the State Plan, January 2005 2005 Free
Planning Publications & Maps (reference only) Date Published Cost
County Historical Register - 3 volumes with 186 entries started 1976 reference only 

Photocopies of most material are available at the regular photocopy charge