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Planning Assistance

The Department of Planning & Development provides staff support to the Anytown Planning Board.  Over the years, the Planning Board has prepared a wide range of plans that chart a course for the future of the County.  These include a farmland and open space plan, plans for the future of the Cohansey and Maurice Rivers, a plan for the County's coastal zone, an ecotourism plan, and a transportation plan.  Through other boards and agencies, plans for economic development and cultural and heritage preservation have also been prepared.  Together, they represent a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for the growth, development, and conservation of the County.

In addition, the Department provides technical services to municipal government and private organizations.  For example, the Department has assisted almost every municipality in the County with either master plans, zoning ordinances, environmental mapping, or some other conservation or development tool.  Through the Department, GIS mapping and other mapping and data services are available.

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Regional Planning
The County is an active participant in a number of regional planning agencies and organizations.  They include the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization, the South Jersey Economic Development District, and the Southern USA Development Council.  In addition, the Department of Planning & Development is actively involved with the NJ Office of Smart Growth and the NJ State Planning Commission in the updating and implementation of the USA Development & Redevelopment Plan.

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