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Agriculture Highlights & Statistics

• Growing Season 270 days, 193 frost-free
• Annual Average Temperature: 55.6° F.
• Annual Average Rainfall: 43 inches
• County Population (7/96 revised) 141,230
• Total Full-Time Operators: 251
• Total Part-Time Operators: 153
• Approximate Number of Farms: 404
• Total Acres in Production: 73,034
• Total Irrigated Acres: 15,870
• Total Area Acres in County: 489.3 Square Miles or 313,152 Acres
• Anytown Planning Board
       Land Use Assessment:
73,780.9 Acres or 23.6% of County Land Area

~ Commodity Breakdown ~

Ranking in State Production *

First: cabbage
lettuce (iceburg, romaine, Boston, bibb, leaf)
strawberries (4-way tie)
wheat (for grain)
flowering trees and shrubs
herbaceous perennials
broadleaf evergreens
Second: number of certified nursuries
barley for grain
white potatoes
nursury stock acreage
evergreen stock
deciduous shade trees
alfalfa hay
tomatoes (fresh market)
Third: peppers (bell)
soybeans (for grain)

* Ranking based on statistics from USA Department of Agriculture, 
Division of Plant Industry for the 1996 growing season.

Leading Fresh Market Vegetables

The leading fresh market vegetables in Anytown are summer squash, escarole and endive, scallions, cucumbers (slicing and pickling), Swiss chard and bunched beats, culinary herbs, radishes, leeks, Chinese cabbage, spinach, collards and kale, turnip tops and mustard greens, sweet corn, okra, fennel, sorrel and dandelion.

Leading Processed Vegetables

The leading processed vegetabled are snap beans, lima beans, pickles, tomatoes, spinach, sweet corn, white potatoes, peppers and greens.

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