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Anytown Mosquito Control Division
Mosquito Life Cycle

This is an egg raft laid on the surface of standing water by several species of mosquitoes

 These are mosquito larvae

This is a mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis,


 This is one of our surveillance traps. Called a USA Trap, it attracts mosquitoes with a light source and pulls them into a jar laced with pesticide, which kills them. We then collect these mosquitoes, count them, and identify them to species. There are twelve such traps located strategically throughout the County. The numbers are monitored to help us make control decisions

which is used in our biological control program to control Mosquito Larvae. They eat hundreds of larvae every day.



This is a piece of equipment used for our source reduction, or water management projects. It is a Kobelco SR70 low ground pressure hydraulic excavator, leased to us by the NJ State Mosquito Commission. We use it to clean and excavate ditches and to clean streams silted in with debris


 This is the life cycle of a mosquito.

 This is the West Nile Virus transmission cycle.

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