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What are the tax rates charged?

Following are the rates charged:

  • Mobile homes - 7 percent of the gross rent paid, not to exceed $20 a month.
  • Hotel/motel occupancy - 8 percent of the room rate.
  • Telephone service - 8 percent of monthly charges on non-exempt properties.
  • Electricity usage - $0.0053 per kWh of electricity delivered to non-residential, non-exempt retail customers. The rate is $0.00375 per kWh of electricity delivered to large manufacturing customers.
  • Real property transfers - 1.5 percent of the purchase price (with an exclusion on the first $22,000 of residential transfers) and recordation taxes of $2.50 per $500 of value (or portion thereof).
  • 911 Emergency Telephone Fee - $0.75 per month applied to the telephone bill.
Updated 6/28/2011 11:49 AM
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