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Historic Bridgeton Walking Tour
USA's Largest Historic District

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Tourist Information Center
50 E. Broad Street

Home of the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines in the late 1800's, this converted passenger railroad station is now the home of the Bridgeton-Cumberland Tourist Association.


Cumberland Nail and Iron Company
Mayor Aitken Drive

The office of the Cumberland Nail and Iron Company, built in 1815.  The Bridgeton Antiquarian League now manages a museum here.


Dame Howell School
Mayor Aitken Drive

Dame Howell taught preschool children in this building during the first half of the 19th century.  It was moved to this location from Pine Street. 


David Sheppard House
31 W. Commerce Street

Built by David Sheppard as a residence in 1791, became a boarding school for girls in 1860 and a nursing home in 1918. 


Dr. Francis Gilbert Brewster House
6 Atlantic Street

Built in 1810 by Dr. Francis Gilbert Brewster who also established the first drug store in Bridgeton directly across the street. 


Jonathan Hann House
55 W. Commerce Street

Built for Jonathan J. Hann about 1829. 


Nailmaster's House
Franklin Drive

An Italianate house built by the owner of the Cumberland Nail and Iron Company about 1850.  The main stairway is of iron. 


Seven Gables
W. Broad Street

Known as "Seven Gables," this Gothic Revival House built in 1871 has been a private residence, a private school, and a maternity hospital. 


First Presbyterian Church
W. Broad Street

The construction of the First Presbyterian Church (Old Broad Street Church) was started in 1792 and finished 


General James Giles House
143 W. Broad Street

When General James Giles built this Georgian house in 1792, Bridgeton had 300 inhabitants.