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Radio Station Directory

Call Letters Frequency Platform
WIBG 1020 AM Christian
WOBM 1160 AM Oldies/Big Band
WCMC 1230 AM Nostalgia
WSNJ 1240 AM Variety
WMIZ 1270 AM Spanish
WMID 1340 AM Nostalgia
WSNJ 1440 AM News/Talk
WFPG 1450 AM News/Talk
WGYM 1490 AM Sports Talk
WJIC 1510 AM News/Talk
WONZ 1580 AM News/Talk, Simulcast with WOND with some Spanish
WNJB 89.3 FM National Public Radio/Jazz
WNJN 89.7 FM National Public Radio/Jazz 
WNJN 89.9 FM National Public Radio/Jazz
WYRS 90.7 FM Contemporary Christian
WRTQ 91.3 FM Classical Jazz
WLFR 91.7 FM College Mix
WVLT 92.1 FM Adult Contemporary
WOBM 92.7 FM Soft Rock
WBNJ 93.1 FM Simulcast with WTTH-FM 96.1
WWNJ 93.9 FM Classical
WCZT 94.3 FM Adult Contemporary
WAYV 95.1 FM Adult Contemporary
WTTH 96.1 FM Urban Adult Comtemporary
WFPG 96.9 FM Light Rock
WBSS 97.3 FM Talk/Simulcast with WKXW-FM 101.5
WTKU 98.3 FM Oldies
WBBO 98.5 FM Contemporary Hits
WWZK 98.7 FM Classic Rock
WZBZ 99.3 FM Contemporary Hits
WJRZ 100.1 FM Modern Country
WZXL 100.7 FM Rock
WNNN 101.7 FM Inspirational
WJSX 102.3 FM Smooth Jazz/Simulcast with WSAX-FM 99.3
WJSE 102.7 FM Modern Rock
WMGM 103.7 FM Classic Rock
WEMG 104.9 FM Latin Hits
WZBZ 105.5 FM Contemporary Hits
WKOE 106.3 FM Adult Top 40
WJNN 106.7 FM Christian
WPUR 107.3 FM Country
WSNJ 107.7 FM Variety